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Creative coaching from Anna Marlena

Creative coaching helps you find and strengthen your unique creative self-expression.

Creativity enriches our lives on so many levels and strengthens our self-confidence. Creative problem solving is a skill that helps us respond to all of life's challenges with resilience rather than frustration.

With creative coaching you can dissolve creative blocks and heal your creative wounds.

Creative coaching is just right for you if...

You just want more creativity in your life, but you have the feeling that you just can't get going and don't know where to start.

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You look longingly and perhaps even a little jealously at others who live out their creativity. That's a good sign! It means there is something inside you waiting to be discovered.

You are frustrated because you keep tackling creative projects, but then you feel blocked, your inner critical voices speak up or you simply keep getting distracted by everyday life.

You have creative dreams that may have been lying dormant within you for a long time and finally want to be realized!

You may have loved being creative as a child or at an earlier point in your life, but that quality has disappeared from your life for various reasons.

You want new ideas, inspiration and motivation to keep up with your creativity and projects or simply want to develop further artistically.

You feel like strengthening your creative muscle would help you in your job and everyday life and you want to become better at creative problem solving.

Do you want more?

I always offer exciting online courses on this topic. If you feel like joining in, just sign up for the Creative🌟Dreams Newsletter and always find out when there are new, exciting creative offers and courses!

I'm so happy if I can enrich your life in this way :)

Anna Marlena


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