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Magic Places - Center Landsee in Burgenland

Seminars, workshops, retreats

The Landsee Center offers various protected spaces as well as individual places in nature to reflect, connect and express the moment individually and in groups. Depending on the program and season, the space is suitable for small to medium-sized groups of approx. 8-18 people.

Rooms, places and equipment:

Residential house 140 sqm - with 2-story bunkhouse,

1 extra bedroom and a fantastic winter garden

Seminar house 70 sqm (yoga mats, blankets, seat cushions, sound system, drums...)

Yurt 28 sqm (with seating and sleeping accommodation)

Garden house to spend the night

Swimming biotope + large terrace

6000 sqm garden with hammocks and lots of benches to relax...

2 fireplaces (+ boiling kettle option)

Sweat lodge covered loggia terrace

Coffee house terrace and barbecue facilities

Place to camp,

Rental of tents and air beds if required ​

Seminar & Guesthouse

The Landsee Center is a place for relaxation, healing, introspection, exchanging ideas, recharging your batteries, reflecting, meditating in nature...

Registration & Info on:

Walter Zima | T: +43 680 50 60 165

Landsee 193, 7341 Burgenland


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