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Magic Places: Vitality Base Vienna

Create joy together! Our mission is to work with you to create a large enabling network for lovingly aligned ideas.

As an initiative, space for development and source of inspiration, we connect socially, economically and sustainably oriented lifestyles, organize uplifting events and implement projects close to your heart with you.

Our goal is to provide you with the space, our knowledge and the community so that you can realize yourself in and with our community to the joy of everyone.

In our club premises we offer space and find ways to find transparent and creative solutions for our daily lives and the coming future.

We support others in implementing various projects and provide a place to stay with a wide range of possible uses. A kind of "open living room" in which everyday life can be spent in community or researched, cooked, danced, jammed, learned, crafted, crafted, philosophized together...

Our work goes far beyond our premises. We promote the implementation of heartfelt projects and wishes, connect communities, and create events and festivals. The focus is on how we can enrich the world and promote a culture of sharing.


Current events:



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