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"The gong lets you experience the universe within you." Ludwig Valenta

Humans are comparable to an instrument, when we are not in tune we create disharmony and negativity. Tuning ourselves consciously means empowering ourselves

Ludwig has been dealing with sound for years, sound as a way to move us out of duality, to go to a space where the mind says this space doesn't exist.

"We can recognize that the solution never lies outside but always leads within. To this end, we can establish a counterweight that helps us look inward - that expands our perception and allows us to become whole.

“The way home leads

us always inwards.

The gong helps us with this


When we pass through this portal that sound and breath offer us, we go home.

We expand our perception, allow ourselves to be nourished and remember the entire spectrum of our existence as human beings.

Ludwig Valenta

has worked as a journalist for a long time and has been dedicating himself to the topic of sound and sound and the healing possibilities that go with it for some time.His numerous encounters with sound healers and breathwork companions have shown him through personal experience how great the potential this field offers for each individual.He followed the call to pass on his knowledge and experience to people who have reached a point in their lives where they realize that they can make a change. He sees himself as a companion who, with breath and sound, reminds us of the possibilities that are undoubtedly inherent in everyone.

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